We are a SASS affiliated club and abide by current SASS rules and safety procedures. If you are unfamiliar with these rules, please review the SASS Handbook and Range Officer Manuals prior to loading the first round at the range.

The following conventions have been adopted by the Indiana Black Powder Guild for the Koruption at Paradise Pass:

This is a Black Powder match!

Black Powder or SASS-legal black powder substitutes are required.

Side-by-side or lever action shotguns only. 

You may shoot your 97 in the Wild Bunch category.

This is a "no-alibi" match. Except in the case of prop or timer failure, or RO interference, the shooter is not allowed reshoots for mechanical failures. Minor safety violations carry over in the case of reshoots.

Unsafe gun handling, including rifle or pistol rounds discharged over the berm, will result in an immediate termination of shooting privileges for that day.

The main match will start after the safety briefing, which occurs at approximately 9:30 a.m. At the present time, we plan to shoot ten stages for the main match. Ammunition requirements are approximately 100 rounds each of rifle and pistol, plus 50 shotgun. Please bring extra ammunition for reshoots, mechanical issues, etc., and side matches.

Side matches and sight-in bays will be available prior to the main match. Side matches, including long range side matches, will be held on Friday commencing at approximately 10:00 a.m. Please check with the sign-in desk for directions to these various events.


Category Information
Optional Categories

From time to time, special categories are offered based on requests of the members or the Board. If there are at least 3 shooters who have submitted their Official Entry forms by May 1, the following special categories will also be offered. Other experimental categories are encouraged with prior approval of the Board and so long as deemed safe by the Range Master.



Pale Rider

Pale Rider consists of main match cartridge pistols and lever action rifle of 40 Caliber and above (38-40 on up). For bullet weights of 200 grs or more, a black powder charge of 25 grs by volume (1.6 cc's) is required. For 38-40, a bullet weight of 180 grs is permitted; however, the black powder charge is increased to a minimum of 30 grs by volume (2.0 cc's). 12 gauge shotgun only; minimum charge is 60 grs (4.0 cc's) and 1 1/8 oz of shot.

Pale Rider is shot gunfighter style, although a duelist category may be offered, depending on the number of entries for the match.


Plainsman consists of Cap & Ball revolvers, shot duelist style, a lever-action or double barrel shotgun, and a single shot pistol or rifle caliber rifle. Please do not load heavy rifle rounds to minimize damage to the match targets. Plainsman will fire approximately half of the otherwise required stage rifle rounds.

Josey Wales

Josey Wales participants will shoot 4 SASS main match revolvers and a double barrel or lever action shotgun. No rifle is required for this category. Revolvers may be shot duelist or gunfighter, 10 shots at the pistol targets and 10 shots at the rifle targets. Gunfighter style may only be utilized from revolvers secured in straight hang holsters from opposite sides of the body, or safely staged on props.


Renegade consists of pistols and shotgun (no 97's) and a rifle caliber rifle shot from the shoulder. Like Plainsman, rifles will fire approximately half of the otherwise required stage rifle rounds. No heavy rifle loads, please!

Wild Bunch

Wild Bunch shooters will substitute a 1911-style pistol and 2 magazines loaded with 5 rounds each for their main match revolvers. An 1898 Krag-Jorgenson rifle may be used in lieu of a rifle caliber rifle (5 shots required) or main match pistol caliber rifle (10 shots required). Any SASS legal main match shotgun may be utilized.